Background of SBA

image Background of SBA

School-based Assessment (SBA) was first proposed in the Reform Proposals for the Education System in Hong Kong, published in September 2000.  According to the proposal, the modes, content and the assessment methods of public examinations should be reviewed (p. 44). A “core-competence” approach, similar to criterion-referencing, will be adopted. In this approach, basic skills and knowledge required by a Form 5 graduate will be indicated and students do not have to compare with the others. Under the education reforms in which a new culture of learning and teaching is to be cultivated, schools can use different modes of broad-based assessments, including observation of students’ performance in classroom and participation in project work to promote learning in a more flexible manner. Another benefit is advocating students’ all-round development which gives a more comprehensive picture of individual students’ learning needs, as well as fosters the positive washback effects of public examinations. It also helps to address the limitations of judging students on their performance in one single examination.

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